More of DKLo…on Yelp!

In case some of you here don’t know, I’ve been a regular contributor for Yelp, an online community that provide advice and reviews of various businesses in cities across the world. So far, I’ve written just under 70 reviews, most of them food-related (duh), and most of them around the GTA (double duh).

Thanks for keepin’ it real Yelp. We cool.

So why am I telling you this? Well, in case you can’t get enough of DKLo (since the reason you’re reading my blogs is CLEARLY because of me and not because of the food–mmmphhsorry can’t keep a straight face there), then I’d encourage you to check out my Yelp page.And for those who want it spelled out in text, it’s Pretty easy to remember right?

Actually, I would highly recommend for you to go check it out regardless of how high or low your desire is to see more of yours truly, because Yelp is a really awesome site where you can see a collection of reviewers talk about everyday places that you go to /are planning to visit. It’s all highly subjective, but hey, that’s the nature of the business.

So to sum up: My full reviews, with pictures and such, will go on this blog while my shorter reviews (quickies, as I’d like to think of them – teehee) will go on Yelp. I can go more in-depth in my own blog, but I can cover much more ground quickly on Yelp. It’s a nice combination and I think you’ll get to see the best of both worlds. I certainly don’t get paid to write anything there (or here, for that matter), it’s all just about sharing my passion of food with you all.

Because I like you.

Now don’t take that the wrong way.

In addition, much like bonus content on a DVD, my Yelp site has rather interesting and atypical reviews. There, I’ve written about malls, hair salons, and a few businesses in the US and Denmark. Yep, Denmark, the land of butter cookies and Vikings.

I’ve also reached Yelp’s Elite status for 2012, which is really useful when I try to impress people (though WW still fails to be moved by it and guffaws everytime I say I’m a celebrity), and I’ve been featured a few times on Yelp’s Review of the Day 🙂 New update: I’ve also recently been certified Yelp Elite 2013 too!

In fact, I’ll provide shortcut links to those special reviews here (Bulgogi Brothers) and here (Keung’s Delight).  But please do take the time to go around and peruse my other Yelp articles, as well as others. You’ll find content that I write nowhere else, plus there’s tons of great contributors there, some of them having amassed ridiculous amounts of reviews. Not to mention many of these places may actually be useful for you trying to find reasonably-priced good food.

Hope you guys enjoy, and as usual, MARI MAKAN!