About DKLo

Who’s a DKLo? (WHAT’s a DKLo?) And what in the world is a ‘makan’?

DKLo (pronounced Dee-Kay-Low, and NOT Duck Lo as some people have suggested) also known as DK/Darren/”That Guy”, is me! An Indonesia-born, Canada-residing, Singapore-loving speaker/presenter/marketer who’s the latest person to take the plunge into the whirlwind that is food blogging. I’m a newbie in the world of gastronomy consumption and I don’t necessarily always know what the hell I’m doing, but I’m going to enjoy every bit of it.

Born and raised in Jakarta from Chinese parents, I quickly realized that I have several core passions in life, one of them being food. Known in the Indonesian language as ‘makan’, the activity of, well, eating played a big part of my growing up and I soon realize that it is something of a regional pastime in Southeast Asia. It is only 14 years after my arrival in Canada did I make the decision to gather my random musings and experiences in culinary crusades into one unified blog.

Having answered the two questions that most people would most likely ask when looking at the title of the blog, I’ll leave you guys to it and hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

So without further ado, MARI MAKAN! (Indonesian for: Let’s Eat!)


10 thoughts on “About DKLo

  1. barangkali kamu bisa add keywords dlm tags, misalnya “food”, “review” atau categories spy makin gampang di-search lewat google? buat nambah2in pembaca aja biar seru, siapa tau…

      • sebaiknya iya. biar gampang di-search. tags yg berhubungan ama topik, popular search terms. bahkan foto kamu kasih title (caption is optional) spy gampang di-search juga. pas org lain click gbr kamu, mrk bisa liat post kamu

      • oh ya? jadi title untuk semua foto2 itu berfungsi kyk tag ya? kalo utk artikel sy sih liat tempat taroh tag tp untuk foto2 tiap kali diupload mereka minta title, jadi itu tepat taroh tag jg rupanya?

      • iya, di title itu. judul di title bakal keliatan kalo user lain arahin cursor-nya ke image kamu. kalo engga sih ga keliatan. yg keliatan di bhw gambar itu caption. tags sih bagusnya keywords yg familiar biar gampang ditemuin di google.

      • hahahaha mungkin kebetulan ya. begitu sy mulai tag2 td malem, langsung hari ini ZERO visitors ZERO views, padhal hari2 sebelonnya lumayan…hahahaha ironis.

  2. Hi DK Lo,

    My name is Winson, on behalf of Sensu Communications representing Chatime Ontario.
    We like to invite you to our exclusive blogger only store opening this friday, Sept 5th, 2014.

    Please let me know if interested by contacting me via email for more information.

    Looking forward hearing from you!


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