Where to get cheap and delicious Thai food in Copenhagen…(Gal OnTrip feat. DKLo)

So if you’ve been reading my blogs (and really, why wouldn’t you? Please read them. Please. I’ll be your best friend), you’ll notice that I mention my cousin in one of my articles, someone that I need to thank for many of the lovely pictures you see there. But our collaboration efforts go beyond that. I’ve been fortunate to guest write an article for her wildly popular (at least definitely more so than mine) blog: Gal On Trip. While my blog normally focuses on food-related tidbits, hers is one of the wonders of travel and its related joys. So when we went with our respective families on a trip to the Scandinavian countries together, what better way than to have a collaboration about a cute little restaurant in one of those exotic destinations?

And to think I didn't see a single Danish butter cookie while I was there

And to think I didn’t see a single Danish butter cookie while I was there.

The result is this article. A little exposition about a little (and very affordable) Thai restaurant in the corner of one of the most expensive places to eat in Copenhagen. Never had such a cramped, hot, and uncomfortable restaurant provided me with so much joy. The food was great and the payment process didn’t necessitate getting two loans from the bank, as most restaurants in Nyhavn usually require.

This is my first collaboration (always wanted to be  a guest rapper, guess this is the next best thing) and I hope there will be many more in the future. And while you’re at it, follow her blog too; she’s nice, a good writer, an excellent photographer, and won’t bite (most of the time).



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