Something interesting: DKLoMakan’s Word Cloud

So I stumbled across something interesting today, as shown by one of my coworkers. Apparently you can create interesting-looking word clouds to see what words are most frequently used in your site/blog/what have you, and arrange it in a picturesque way. There are several of these sites out there, but my favourite so far is Tagxedo. It really gives you an idea just what is the most popular terms that are present on your site. And mine is…well perhaps unsurprisingly, “restaurant”. Also, the words “Chinese” and “Toronto” shos up extremely often too. I guess being a Chinese who lives in Toronto and eats at restaurants will do that to you. Huh, what a surprise.

This design reminds me of Nando's Chicken, somehow. Oh wait, the word "chicken" shows up often too :P

This design reminds me of Nando’s Chicken, somehow.  Oh wait, that’s another word that often shows up.

Have a look see and do it for your own site! It’s a lot of fun. And it gives you some positive insight to your work as well.


2 thoughts on “Something interesting: DKLoMakan’s Word Cloud

  1. Awesome, unfortunately although I love travelling,I I did not write my notes in a blog or something.Otherwise itmwould be interesting to see how many words come up and create like the one you made,

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