Let’s go for some late night Chinese food!

Just as a quick update, my newest article on BlogTO went up a few days ago and it can be found here.

It’s a quick rundown of the various awesome places you can stuff your hungover and bleary-eyed self when you happen to be around downtown Toronto. Some of these places (I’m looking at you, New Ho King) have names that are positively cringe-worthy, but they are practically institutions among many youths and students that crawl the streets of Toronto at 3 in the morning. Some even offer late night dim sum. If there was ever a heaven on earth, this would be it.

A quick disclaimer: I didn’t personally select the places, they were actually given to me as the result of a previously conducted (annual?) poll. I just put the pretty words that you see there. It also helps that I’m quite familiar with a great deal of them.

My personal favourite? Garden Restaurant. The soy sauce chicken on rice is absolutely wonderful.

So when you’re out and about, dazed and confused, at some ungodly hour of the night, and wondering what the hell to eat, just remember: DKLoMakan (and BlogTO) will point you and your empty stomach the way.

Enjoy folks!


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