My first real post is…my first post! (Wait, what?)

I’ve given some thought regarding what I should put as my first post, and I’ve decided to post a link to my first ever post….on BlogTO. For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m a semi-regular writer for this interesting Toronto e-publication, focusing mainly on Asian cuisine and culture around the Toronto area’s vast suburbs. It’s an interesting website with lots of relevant information regarding life and culture in this multicultural city I call home, though unfortunately many trolling commenters like to instead bicker about the semantics surrounding the precise geographical boundaries of Toronto (to those people: relax, and stop taking yourself so seriously)

Despite many who may think otherwise, curry IS a part of Chinese cuisine 🙂

My first post to be published in BlogTO (back in February) was perhaps not my finest in writing, but it was one that I was immensely proud of (first time I got published! and it looks so pretty!) and also something I was really passionate about (good cheap Chinese eats!). And thus I thought it was only fitting for me to put it here to christen my new personal blog.

I aim to eventually provide links to all my BlogTO posts. I will definitely write a great deal of material exclusive to this blog, but for now let’s kick things off with a little trip down memory lane, but on a topic that I’m sure is ALWAYS relevant to a great deal of us. Especially when that craving for hot Chinese food for under $10 kicks in (stop sniggering, I know you have it) 

Mari makan!


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